Skincare for the Bald Men in your life

Skincare for the Bald Men in your life

It is really important for balding men to understand that they need to give their shaved head a bit of love and care to keep the scalp happy and healthy.

We asked our skin expert, Dr. Paul Wallace, to share with us and explain how to get rid of bumps and notches on the bald head. First you should understand scalp has a protective layer to prevent hard chemicals from being transferred to your skin, so men with baldness must cleanser, revitalize and protect their heads.

This may seem like a lot to manage but if you know what products to use, it won't have to sweat worrying about it. Wallace Skincare offers a simple three step skincare routine to make the bald lifestyle easy to maintain.

Step 1 - Clarity Cleanser designed to provide a deep cleanse to help keep pores from clogging without stripping skin of that youthful look

Step 2 - Collagen Serum designed to support collagen protein and to hydrate your head - the most exposed part of your body.

Step 3 - Oasis SPF 30 + Moisturizer to moisturize and protect your head from the damaging sun while providing great looking matte not shiny look.

These products are made with the highest quality ingredients and are specially made for men with bald or shaved head. Since there is no hair to protect the scalp, the care of a bald man should be the top priority. If you follow these three steps and maintain a regular shave, you should get along well with your head care.


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